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 Results-Based Financial Planning®


   [ih-kon-uh-loj-iks], adj:  


1. The brand name of Results-Based Financial Planning®, relating to the study and practices of the financial management of a household.   

The type of financial planning that standardizes and codifies policies and procedures to achieve predictable and consistent results in financial condition for a household and the experience of its members.


[<Gr oikonomos, the management of a household, -logy, study, -ikos, practices or skills]




Econologics® could be considered the modern science of financial planning. This coined word is necessary to avoid confusion with what consumers believe is “financial planning,” since that concept has not been standardly defined or practiced in the financial advisory profession today. Econologics seeks to create a new standard of financial planning technology by using a more logical and scientific results-based approach to solving the financial challenges of consumers.

P. Christopher Music® -
The Founder of Econologics®


P. Christopher Music (also known as “The Financial Prosperity Coach™”) is the President of Econologics Financial Advisors, serving the financial prosperity needs of private practice professionals nationwide through the implementation of the Econologics Road Map financial plan. He is also the Founder of the Econologics Institute, a financial education company providing books and courses on the subject of Econologics to the public. He founded the subject of Econologics®, Results-Based Financial Planning™ to standardize and codify the next evolution in financial planning results for America’s households.

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